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Welcome to Pangea Search Partners, an executive search firm specialising in senior executive and non-executive appointments for private equity backed and founder led health and life sciences businesses.


Our name, Pangea, was inspired by the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago when all land masses were united. Today, our mission is to unite exceptional leaders with top-tier organisations and investors, in the sectors that most impact humanity across the globe.

Letter P from the company name Pangea

Seven lines representing the 7 continents of today

Delivering commercial results by appointing the right people

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Hiring senior leadership for private equity backed and founder led businesses requires individuals who can facilitate substantial positive change. To find these individuals, a discovery process is needed that explores beyond the tip of the iceberg, uncovering the greater mass beneath the surface obscured from plain view.


Acknowledging that needs are unique to each situation, we deploy an in-depth search methodology combining deep sector understanding with a meticulous research process that goes beyond purely drawing from a database and ensures no stone is left unturned.


For examples of our successful track record in the sector, get in touch at

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At Pangea Search Partners, we believe that our success lies in the well-being and growth of our employees. We value a work environment that fosters learning, creativity, and collaboration, and are committed to supporting each member of our team in achieving their full potential. We trust that when our employees are happy and fulfilled, our business thrives as a result.
We believe that our success is not only measured by financial results but also by the positive impact we have on our clients, our employees, the sectors we serve and the world we live in. We are eager to partner with organisations that share our values around social responsibility and reflect this in our engagements.

We are proud to have a company culture that prioritises open communication, teamwork, and mutual support, and we are excited to welcome new team members who share these values and objectives. 

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Demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability, Pangea Search Partners has partnered with registered charity, Ecologi, to off-set its carbon footprint since inception. Find out more

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